"viral marketing" birth "China first blog

      just calm down after years of Gray dove news, 51 holiday just passed, bull + Web2.0= Bo eldest brother will be the best in all the land, beauty blog static down sister bud.

      for a year and a half of the bull market, China will advance to the era of universal ownership. Because of the interactive features of the Web2.0 blog, due to the specific point and forecast the stock price of the "super", "do not think red is not to take the lead in big brother 777" in the word of mouth investors netizens viral marketing, even the first of his contempt for some very thoughtful users, as well as his fans. This situation, just like the beginning of dove in the middle of the ash hackers spread trend, however, is the nature of the virtual black market and the money market account to fire, nor with the crazy stock market opportunities as we play are mentioned in the same breath, although is a virtual card, but there is more money in the stock market on. According to statistics, in the morning of May 16th, the eldest brother of the 777 "NetEase blog (http://s.dtdg777.blog.163.com/) click rate has exceeded 10 million 610 thousand, the average daily hits more than 300 thousand times, but only a day in May 16th the click rate is as high as 1 million 100 thousand. The personal blog online popular actress Xu Jinglei Laoxu blog also catch up, called "Chinese first blog".

      70s was born the eldest brother, although the blog soon, but rather IT people from the paranoid spirit, having not a single copper poor boy, have become rich million shares, after several ups and downs, his bitter experience out of the stock market China pure true love confession, in the bull market to blindness investors to advice, a dirt then 10000 Hou spirit. In the spirit of Web2.0 is up in the air, was careful not to the Internet and the stock market’s roots are picked up, everyone in a raging bull market, finally found such a financial leader. Shares began to make money at the same time, entertainment.

      and before the hacker software entertainment drama just calm down. The 2001 launch of the "dove ash" software Ge Jun, may not have thought of with Web2.0 growth six years after dove ash will have such a large viral marketing power, a low-key, has become the focus of speculation and entertainment companies. Location for the remote control tool and has obtained the national computer software copyright registration certificate "Dove", from first to last may also have never thought power of viral marketing in Chinese, should be such a software development to statistics: so China has 258235 computers infected with the Gray dove computer virus infection, while domestic a total of 2065873 units, that is to say, each of the 10 infected computers, there are more than one infected with the gray dove. The numbers above are true