recently, through the understanding of the internet. YAHOO out of the new home page. The major changes include the menu bar on the left side of the page, the user can customize the external links to meet their own requirements. "Wall Street journal" online edition today quoted sources as saying that YAHOO launched a new version of the home time than the original plan about one month in advance. Since last year, YAHOO has been working on its home page revision work, which was jointly hosted by YAHOO co-founder, former CEO Yang Zhiyuan. This is called the "Metro" revised plan principle is: allow users to customize other Internet services on the YAHOO homepage, so as to retain existing customers and develop new customers to.

so I think, this time is a good time to have a good promotion of the webmaster.

according to sources, the biggest change is the new YAHOO home page: the page on the left side of the menu bar, users can customize their own love of the external Internet services, such as the micro blogging site Twitter, Google Gmail e-mail service etc.. In the default state, YAHOO will recommend some of the most popular external Internet services to users, users can use the default settings can also be adjusted on the basis of.

sources said the revised YAHOO home page news and headlines are still located in the middle of the page, but more concise than the old version. If nothing happens, users will be able to use the new features when they log on to YAHOO’s home page on Tuesday.

for the above statement, YAHOO spokesman declined to comment.

ahead of the launch of

sources also said that over the past few months, YAHOO has been testing its new home page. But the company said last month that the new home to be launched in the fall of this year, and during the 9~10 months of this year, the corresponding marketing work. However, the current YAHOO CEO Carol · (Carol) that should be launched in advance of YAHOO’s new home page, and on the development of YAHOO’s new home page of the deadline for the launch of the Bartz.

U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency Nelson online previously released data show that YAHOO’s home page for the United States second of Internet users visit the site, only after Google search home page. YAHOO home page is still one of the main sources of revenue for YAHOO. But in recent years, with the rise of Facebook, Twitter and other new Internet services, leading to the loss of YAHOO users, which is why YAHOO decided to modify the home page of the root causes.

sources also said that the new version of YAHOO’s home page also focused on advertising factors. In the left menu, for example, if the user decides to customize the external Internet service, click on the corresponding customization options, you will see a preview of some applications and online advertising.

last week, media reports said, YAHOO, Microsoft search and online advertising cooperation negotiations have entered the final stage. If all goes well, the two sides will announce a deal this week