first say nothing, first issued a Baidu search keywords:

(we point to open the Baidu look at second on the line, do not click it, and then visit the domain name on the line: Wd=%CD%F8%C9%CF%B9%BA%CE%EF+%BB%F5%B5%BD%B8%B6%BF%EE& lm=0& si=& rn=10& ie=gb2312& ct=0& cl=3& f=1& rsp=1

we are webmaster, look at the second place in the site, the name is not to say, we are the webmaster, should see to understand.

this site into the atmosphere is also very simple, but into the two page……

he directly use the excellent website promotion to carry out, search the key word of the people, are generally have shopping needs (I am). I did not expect to be able to do so, it can not take the excellent, and can only be done in front of a promotion. According to my research, this webmaster do "cash on delivery" this key word, and in the major search engine rankings are very good. The site included only dozens, but all of the keywords ranking is very good, there is definitely a visible research of SEO. Check out the Baidu index, the word should be hundreds of thousands of people. Cash on delivery of the goods are generally on the three digits, outstanding percentage should be between 10%-20%, every day brings the promotion fee, you will know math.

said here, there will certainly be a curse (Admin5 friends are generally not how to face), although this is my thing, but to tell the truth, I really admire him, imagination and execution are very good!

through this article, I hope to do new friends can open up your mind, don’t do to flow to do a website, the website has a new function and new profit pattern, of course, is not to say that as mentioned in the example. You can not do a website all hang GG ads (this is not good!).

I want to say the main problem is that allows the site to flow into meaningful traffic, personal webmaster to do a large-scale information websites, long-term continuous updates is basically impossible! As a relatively small site, has its own characteristics (do small and fine the site has a problem), is a commonplace talk of an old scholar can give users bring benefits, but also to bring their own money website.

open up horizons, there are still a lot of business opportunities on the Internet, I may not give you any value, I hope you can have new ideas and ideas.