according to foreign media reports, the taxi service Uber valuation in just four years soared from zero to $18 billion a barrel head jieshe. It seems crazy, but also to know the huge opportunities in the field of mobile. So what does it mean? What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from Uber’s great success?

the following are some of the views of the industry:

Salesforce marketing cloud chief marketing officer Mike · pull zeluo

"Uber knows that the journey does not start when the customer gets on the bus, and does not end when the customer gets off the bus. Every company should be able to connect customers like Uber – a highly personalized experience through mobile devices, applications, and networking products. Behind every piece of equipment, every social post is a customer. This fully demonstrates the importance of making full use of each customer interaction by turning one moment into a personalized customer journey."

Moxtra and co-founder of CEO Webex, co-founder and former CEO ·

Su Deborah; EA

Uber is a typical representative of elegant and concise. It is based on a complex idea of an uncomplicated demand. Coupled with a smart and dedicated team, it is not difficult to understand why the company will do so well. Uber has also experienced a variety of difficulties, from legal issues to regulatory issues, but in the final analysis it is an indispensable service. I think any company that meets these three principles will be successful."

The managing director of

Mercury Fund ·

Caroline Blair;

venture capital in the search for a huge market disruptive companies, and Uber is one of the emerging share of the power of subversion in the economy. How to use the additional stock market in the market, the key lies in the driving efficiency: three aspects of information flow, use and payment. Uber provides a new technology to replace the dispatcher, the seamless user interface to consumers, by automatically solve the trading problems in the cloud and simplifies the process of payment. This is the efficiency of the ‘three axes’. In addition, although the model is also used by the Airbnb, but Airbnb a room can only earn money once a day. The Uber car can earn multiple times a day."

Silverton Partners ·

partner Kip McClanahan;

"Uber, in need of one by one by the city expansion model consumer services market competition, a key factor is to expand business operations and enhance the awareness of your huge financing speed. Uber is very successful at this point, the future is expected to dominate the taxi service market."