The development of

mobile Internet, the rise of Internet plus, many enterprises in the hope that WeChat public number, in order to establish a corporate image, enhance brand awareness, to further facilitate the money to do business. However, many WeChat developed public number, because the product homogenization phenomenon is very serious, not many counterparts in public, stand out. So the enterprise WeChat marketing how to create a good article this article from the title and content of these two aspects to analyze.

one, to create attractive article title

users in the mobile phone on the opening of an article with the title is very important, the first is to overcome the problem of slow speed open, second is the traffic problem, is the last of this article is to bring value, even if it’s just a smile, at least entertaining. So how to create a good title?

1 title has a story: everyone likes to listen to the story, and the story of the brand is easy to narrow the distance between products and people. For example, if you do cosmetics, the title can be written as: Cinderella overnight become the ultimate secret white formica.

2 title with emotion: people have the title to the user the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, some emotions are often very easy to infect people. For example: XX, you let me burst into tears (XX can be a product, can be a character)

3 has the title of gossip: everyone’s mind lives a curious cat, they keep their secrets to others, but the secret is very curious, especially for celebrities, celebrity gossip more because between aggregious. For example, some time ago, the fire is very cold morning love, we".

4 Title inversion is strong: Subversion of the truth that we all think, so that people with a strong question read. For example: absolutely did not expect, XX vegetables eat more carcinogenic!

5 title has intuitive value: clear tell the reader, this article can give you bring God horse benefits, such as: teach you how to a month rose pink 100 thousand!

The title of

6 is shared: for example, the above five are shared, there is a title, so that people do not send unhappy, it has the public, the voice of the majority of people say. Is there really a lot of poor people in China,


note, in addition to the title and content must be attractive, the meaning of the expression is consistent, if the reader in the process of reading the content, find the title and content of apple and orange, angry call from the title of the party, no contact.

two, do valuable quality content

whether an article quality, mainly depends on whether the user value. For users, if you see this article can lead to a resonance in thought, or to receive certain inspiration, so it is valuable content, longitudinal Sok Wang believes that even if the user from A to Z put an article to read, but he did not feel anything, read to forget, so the >