"  HTML code Notes: website promotion in the role of a HTML comment code" article described through the accidentally view web pages source code, find article in the audit and the HTML comment code to add website promotion website address, and a detailed description of the promotion of the role of HTML and the use of code Notes method is a not more website promotion works.

in the universal navigation nets full support, now the peak of net is by Baidu, Google search engine’s favor, one article in less than one hour will be included in Baidu, in a very great importance to the author’s copyright problem, so it is a good place to publish the text. In particular, the pinnacle of the site’s website operators, due to the audit of the human nature, in general, as long as it is not too much, can pass the audit. There are two links to the site can be audited, of course, the site must be very necessary connection. Peak nets like Adsense nets, support HTML code, it may give some smart to promote an opportunity today, after the audit, no point in an article in the source code, found the original code is similar, this site all know, is a HTML comment code, if in the real page is not to see, unless we use to check the source code to pay attention to.


found these codes, misty to seriously check some information found in the search engine "HTML comment code" hidden site address and website address left obvious effect is the same, is not the same. Through the HTML comment code is hidden, the reader can not see, but obviously left the site address the reader can see.

normally, in some places not to publish some promotional articles, this time, we can use some techniques continuously adjust the thought, such as the use of the "code" HTML comments on the surface to shield some website advertising left us, so we don’t damage the reader’s case, cleverly promote your website.

use HTML code to promote the essentials:

1, only support HTML language code website can use.

2, the use of HTML code to promote the promotion of moderation, an article is best not more than 2.

3, mixed with similar code can be more effective, more confusing.  

enclosed HTML comment code for your reference:

when you open the large sites such as Sina, you will find that there are a lot of notes, these notes for the maintenance of the website, adding advertisements and so on is very useful, and the Notes code is invisible to the reader.