Arctic s Internal Alexa "on Redirect, this is a good idea, will link your website redirects to Http://, and then wait for the back to their site link. This can complete a traffic statistics. (statistical effect remains to be seen)

      looks good, I tried to install this plugin.

      research on the code, found in the link to the site A tags are added to onclick= "parent.location.href=" Http:// "; event.returnValue=false", from here to realize redirected to

      now the code is:
< a href= "" onclick= "parent.location.href=" "event.returnValue=false" return? Http://; > CBM s land< /a>

; "

      followed by several questions:

      1 is the use of parent.location to be directed to the, equal to window.location oriented pages, this jump does not bring referer information.
      2 here return event.returnValue=false do not know there is no need. Here is the specified return onclick events, but the redirect is parent.location, onclick returns regardless of whether false, parent.location has already started, I think this is not to ban parent.location.