I do website soon. Just as the old webmaster said. One by one forum posting. But one day send ten hours. That can bring ten IP good.

and later to the webmaster forum study. Oh. No. I will post it. The original original depressed.


this morning sent a spam, to take a look at the afternoon. In the first page.!! Finally understand. The original is many webmaster also put me as Laoniao. Ha ha

the original post to their top. Keep a post on the first page..

more than ten Posts better sink

than I see the dish? Someone fan forum. Baidu post on some. For articles. Send an original post. Then half an hour each. Anonymous or an article posted several points. So you can always see the row on the first page. Human nature is much the most. After the wipe down. Send a small advertising. Regardless of the general moderator.

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