Abstract: those who can cause enough attention from the media and fans in our mouth said "Red Net", and for these "red" fans became fans of these media behind the huge. It is precisely because of the existence of the fans group has finally achieved the Luo Ji thinking, Papi sauce and the emergence of two canteens.


from the media, network red, short video…… New things come from the Internet, and began to profoundly affect our lives, no doubt, this allows us to see the future development of the infinite possibilities of the internet. The Luo thinking, Papi sauce, two and other platforms and other platforms have access to financing so that we see the capital for the birth of these new things favored by the internet. Aside from the factors of the Internet, we can find that these platforms have more or less contact with the culture, it is because of the existence of cultural elements to make these platforms become colorful. In cross industry turns staged today, the cultural industry as an extension of the industrial chain is long trades, not indulge in self-admiration, also has become the "cross culture Internet plus" era of a new hot field.

fans boost the economic development of cross-border culture

whether it is a series of thinking or Papi Luo, the success of these cultural cross-border economic fans behind the shadow. The advent of the Internet era, so that each of us has become a can spread from the media. Those who can cause enough fans to pay attention to the media since we have to say in the mouth of the net red, and for these net red sought after the achievements of these media behind a huge group of fans. It is precisely because of the existence of the fans group has finally achieved the Luo Ji thinking, Papi sauce and the emergence of two canteens.

by fans derived from the fans economy will undoubtedly become the main force to promote cross-border culture to accelerate the development of the "Internet plus culture" for the speed and increase another acceleration. With the network of big movies, online games and other Internet products as the main carrier of the product form began to appear, and gradually into people’s lives. By now the popular chips as an example, the project before it began in the congregation raised platform for preheating accumulate fans, and then the fans support for the project to obtain initial much-needed funds at the same time the accumulation of popularity has become a "Internet plus" era of many projects to choose the first.

to present a high success rate of poly meter platform to raise public finance. It projects on the platform can in a very short time to raise public success is a fan of the economy in the "Internet plus" era is the most direct expression. As a red net, Pengfei sister "soul man" on the crime involved in the shooting will undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of this movie, and "soul sin of men and women" is the use of red net in the fans, the sister Pengfei strong appeal, play a huge fan of the economic utility, by putting the project into the platform to raise the public can not only test the reaction of the market, more able to get project start-up capital.