Abstract: broadcast platform is the most important content, the content is provided by individual anchor, the biggest difference with the traditional platform is a personal IP, in the platform construction of personal image and real-time communication with the fans, and the personal image and with the help of IP platform mechanism quickly realized.

from the beginning of 2016, there are two things in the Internet to get the rapid spread of the phenomenon has become a class event, one is a person, one is the industry. A girl was born 87 years spent half the time, launched a 34 video, 6 million ring (powder for investment after 1 months now micro-blog powder has broken 12 million), and wins it real fund, logic thinking, source of capital and capital of 12 million star joint injection, the valuation of 300 million, the first in April 21st after advertised with 22 million sold price, used to create so-called new media first Wang, she called Papi sauce.

is a national husband by virtue of being the son of the richest man invested with power, the competition for the development of the foundation, in 2016 to cut mobile and entertainment industry, in 2016 entered the "thousand group war" busy. 1 billion pound YY teeth and ME live, $100 million signing anchor MISS 400 million investment Tencent; the latter Betta, valued at $1 billion; the new Ying guest get 80 million yuan investment in Kunlun, the semi-finals and other institutions; into the arms of Ali the unfamiliar street is also the main push live video social unwilling to remain out of the limelight, and displayed in the most important position. The valuation of $1 billion; to live to get 60 million yuan A round of financing; 360 launched a second shot pepper, launched a live and Msee, beat the United States also launched a live function and is likely to split into separate APP.

at the same time, many practitioners invested content production: "Zhao Jiaban" disciple active in Ying Ke, pepper live and gathered a lot of "good sound" members, salted egg flagship through the network drama popular newcomers such as Sheng Yilun, Huang Jingyu, ME live concert sponsored Luhan country, the United States took in collaboration with Zhang Yixing, Fan Ye panda, TV Angelababy when signing anchor… The industry called live…

if the two separate things apart to see what this does not seem particularly, but together, to 2016 is an extraordinary year, during this year red net rise into a group of events from a single case, the value of IP index to personal ascension and show individual the influence of cash from pure play show mode upgrade to show knowledge + + social way. In particular, the rise of live broadcast live, for the realization of personal influence provides the best channel, the rise of the individual is to go under the center of the Internet era, and the growing momentum of development.

current constraints will not be too much restrictions on the development of live platform

in the broadcast platform after the rise, many people in the industry with broadcast platform deep concern, especially in the crazy burn, jurisprudence and the United States similar website Me>