recently, millet MIUI6 release, many people sigh, millet has gone through the unimaginable marketing of ordinary people. Drop the curtain fan marketing said rampant again. Seems to be accompanied by the growth of millet, marketing circles began to appear, such as argument: fans who have the world. So many of the contents of the intention to cooperate more than one goal: to train a group of loyal fans.

millet. The official data show that in 2014 Rice noodles Festival, which lasted 12 hours, the official website of millet received a total of 2 million 260 thousand orders, 1 million 300 thousand mobile phone sold more than 1 billion 500 million yuan in sales, accessories sales of over 100 million yuan, the day of delivery 200 thousand orders, a total of 15 million people participated in Rice noodles festival.

indeed, only this data, you will have to admit that a hardware vendor, 4 years, because the fans marketing, creating a market value of billions of myths.

benchmarking. Now whether it is hardware vendors, or software vendors, want to copy millet fans marketing road. Unfortunately, however, there are few winners.

millet fans had the first step in marketing is to train a group of super rice. Now copy mode millet fans the majority of people follow suit, every day playing in various forums, irrigation, add friends, invited into the group of micro-blog, seeking attention…… A variety of means, as long as people can pull into.

through the preliminary establishment of recognition of their products to users, further screening of loyal users, dubbed super fans, and regular communication, time gathering line, online discussion, to participate in product design, development, feedback and other activities, hoping to accumulate fans loyalty, and the formation of word of mouth radiation.

indeed, many companies or marketers do this step, the cost of manpower, financial resources need not say. But almost all of the people who have come to this step have encountered the same problem:

only on this group of loyal fans, it is true that the relevant products, loyal, but also willing to introduce their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc., is willing to act as a source of word of mouth". However, when the radiation information reached two, or even the level of the three, after the circle of four, its degree of acceptance and love is not ideal. Word of mouth radiation effect showed reduced trend, and not as strong as millet infection".

since then, many people even in the face of marketing planning failure also can’t find out why abortion. Not millet mode fans marketing is a false proposition, but we do not have the necessary conditions for the success of millet model.

we might as well take a look at the millet in the marketing of some god horse products?

millet from the phone to the box, and then to the router, do is a necessity, and are cost-effective. Rice noodles say, if there is no millet, now the mobile phone price is 4-5K across. I dare not say that he is 100 percent correct, but you can imagine that the emergence of millet really pulled down the phone to a large extent