a good friend of mine, is a very famous business consultant, he said that almost every entrepreneur, he is struggling in the heart, he kept asking a question, the question is:

who am I? Can not be able to reach my goals? That is to say I have lofty ideals and high aspirations of this goal, but I don’t know if I was not really able to reach my enterprise development? How many times? I increased my income how many, many times the


Jie · Abraham said: to increase the performance of the method in this world there are thousands, but after all there are the following three: 1 increase in the number of customers, increase customer purchases 2 single, 3 increase in customer purchase frequency.

combine these three points at any point, you can double your sales, or even dozens of times increase.

Jie · who is Abraham?, he is 65 years old, in his 40 years of marketing career, he helped grow more than 12 thousand companies in 475 industries, including IBM, Microsoft, Citibank, FedEx and so on.

and finishing the collection of Jie · Abraham’s 35 marketing strategies, I hope to help the majority of friends.


, a list of customers is very important: the customer list, often exchange and return them to potential customers, transfer this information: you understand their needs and problems, let them know that you can solve their problems, their professional guidance.

, two of all tested marketing activities for each promotion, the average cost of each activity, calculate the average purchase amount, conversion rate, and the average profit per sale; analyzing the testing methods, you will find that there is a better method than other methods; testing a variety of sales methods, the data obtained will to help you get better sales.

three, in the loss of customers, there are more than 80% of customers are irreversible; take immediate action to save many, even most of the clients; when they come back, they will become a group of the best and most loyal customers; in the course of action before, we must first determine how many old customers no longer play with you to deal with.

four, make a small profit today, tomorrow to earn a lot of money: most of the business profits are from repeat customers; the front flat or even slightly depleted, so back to bring large profits; only to determine the customer lifetime value, to determine how much investment should be the first time for customers to bring new customers; the salesman can get a lot of reward the huge gains.

five, the difference between the customer and the customer: the customer = the person who buys the goods and services. Always implement the concept of the customer, the customer as a valuable close friend.

six, people always fall in love with their products, services and companies. You should believe in your production