do foreign trade website how to choose keywords, many web designers and foreign people are very concerned about the problem, now with Xie Ke in recent years foreign trade website making some actual experience, and everyone together discuss, hope to inspire you. The determination of foreign trade website keywords, but also determine the direction of your marketing, and in the search engine rankings. Many customers, including some network companies, will simply list some product names, in fact, this is not enough, the actual effect is often not good.

specifically, you can get the reference and inspiration from the following angles:

first and most importantly, from the customer’s point of view, what keywords will they use to search your product (ask your customers and sales staff).

second points: look at peers, competitors website is used what keywords, thus get inspiration and inspiration.


third point control quantity and frequency, the same keywords each page in the frequency control in the 3 or so, ensure reasonable keyword density, the search engine will also think this theme is clear, do not stack keywords, sooner or later, do not lose the poison.

fourth: English keyword search engine can use Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool famous tool to test the keyword group, you can check the keywords in the past 24 hours is the best keyword search frequency, is those who have not been widely abused and many people search words, can also go to the Guangzhou website (http://s.www.166800 studio.Com Download this gadget). Chinese tools can be provided by the Keyword Sandbox Google keyword matching and expansion.

, for example, a customer is a gift trade website, then gift, gifts,, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gift, gift key words like cards, seem good, but if you want to put a few key words in YAHOO Google English do before a few pages or and the difficulty is quite large, if there is no money specifically asked people to do it, is likely to be always unknown to the public. In the website keyword selection, I have always advocated the "second thoughts", not to make the most popular keywords, the most direct is too difficult for us as the second selection of a group of popular keywords, especially the combination of keywords, the so-called combinatorial key, is a combination of regional brand, product features and specifications (size etc.), tend to achieve better results in a shorter period of time, like the door said the gifts, can use the gift China Guangzhou, wood gift, green wedd>