a, what is the business analysis ability

business analysis ability is a very broad, large state-owned enterprises, consulting companies, enterprise think-tank, small shop owner, the owner of Taobao, with a more or less of their bank had realized the analysis ability of business. By analyzing the competing products, the environment and other factors, it can be concluded that one or more of them can help them to develop or catch up with their competitors.


business analytics can be read by a few business strategy books can have it?

if you read Malcolm Gladwell’s · "the tipping point" that Instagram in the early promotion do is to use the laws of individual characters. In early instagram, when do product promotion, to find the target user group is a photographer, because the photographer community is a better picture of APP, the second is the photographer photographs more prone to spread effect, the photographer is more willing to share their work to the major social networks. So Instagram has a very fast transmission speed.

if you read Shi Yuzhu’s "Shi Yuzhu readme: my marketing experience," you can know why a rainbow candy, why only select 5 flavors. Read the book people know there is a example said: a business person who sold 18 flavors of candy, monitoring the sales data for each taste, and done in-depth consumer research, he clearly know what love tastes of customers. So the last choice of these 5 tastes.

if you read all the books in the world, you will have the ability to analyze business?. Everyone says that theory and practice is the key to learning a skill. If only pure theory does not have actual combat experience, may be in the global control, the overall view will appear slightly above. It was like Li Jiaoshou, who was bought by Baidu last week, and became the youngest vice president in the history of Baidu. A lot of people say that Li Jiaoshou is just a summary of the marketing theory, does not have practical experience, so if we really put into combat work, how much effect also can make nothing of it (this sentence is not malicious belittle Li Jiaoshou, just for example, Professor Fan saw my articles do not turn black powder oh).

what is the business analysis ability with actual combat experience?


audio class APP (we call a) but in the vertical field just beginning to live well, and when the field more and more fire, many enterprises began to pour into subsidies and start playing the station, to attract users to use their own APP, which has a (called B) is especially evident. The rise was beyond a. In less than half a year, a sharp decline in market share, profit margins have almost become negative growth. A person in charge of the market must respond, when a marketing team began to study a large number of