is now the age of the Internet, there is no important site, it is important how to successfully promote their website to create a good market. To promote the soft is an important topic of network promotion. Wang Laoji event, Pizza Hut events, and events are the Eslite, use soft most incisive and brought great benefits. As long as the use of soft, no matter what the product promotion, will more or less bring high efficiency.

golden Wangzhuan today the theme of this article, is around how to do soft Wen promotion this topic. I have a friend who is occupation soft Wen writers, many websites are looking for him to write text, and the website finally also proved that does bring good benefits. Skills and ideas during this period of time this article about the promotion of soft methods I study network promotion and marketing work is summed up, I hope there will be more or less to help you.

first: first clear why we want to use soft Wen to promote

1, for the product to bring good sales of soft Wen has become an indispensable marketing site, through a good soft Wen, the customer is usually very quick to remember you. A mass ten, ten hundred, good reputation is the most important. And, through the soft Wen promotion of customers than the general hard advertising brings the customer stickiness to big. Look at the many people, do not worry about selling, soft text to write good, not afraid of no one to see.

2, to improve the visibility of the soft Wen write well, naturally increase the visibility of the site, of course, your site will do good, let others think that value for money. For example, we can see VANCL examples, mostly to promote the use of soft, and then look at the VANCL visibility, quite admirable. Of course, there are many other examples, we have time to look at learning.

3, to increase the amount of visits referred to the amount of visits, a lot of friends first association is to give more links. But now the forum is very strict supervision, the basic link is to see the delete. It’s easy to treat you like a spam. We can do the search engine optimization, find good keywords, improve ranking, can bring very good access. If you do good, traffic is endless to rise.

second: soft Wen applied to place the soft can be used to place is some general portal website, forum, and industry website, but the best published in some well-known websites, or you will find your soft Wen can no echo, can also write blogs, better to add some circles improve your visibility.

third: how to do soft Wen promotion

1, learn from other people’s soft Wen for their own use we can go to some soft text case network, and some blog above to find, do some modification, the effect of the same, can be used for their own. Do not spend so much energy to write or find someone to write. You can also find a very high click to modify the post.

2, select the release platform to write a good soft Wen, of course, to make more >