said the Chinese card difficult, everyone must have a deep understanding, but who would have thought it would be so difficult to apply for a WeChat certification, I spent half a year, trying to do a variety of methods have not yet come down.

a few years ago, the author of the identity of the founder of a local web site, in the local also gathered a little bit of popularity, the second half of last year also began to follow the trend in the promotion of WeChat, the application for a public subscription number. Is the main push daily Z6. But there is no certification feel more and more convenient, no authentication means what? It is the user through the WeChat search to you (only through search public number two), there is no authoritative, when more than one similar to the WeChat name, users must trust has been certified, three is the WeChat toolbar, this function it is important to.

no way, I was forced to think of ways to apply for WeChat certification.

step 1: apply for Sina micro-blog certified

At that time, WeChat

public management background is Sina micro-blog certified this option, the site has been Sina micro-blog’s official V, then according to the process, released to the official micro-blog two-dimensional code verification, submit many times certification application, all server data error, or try to no avail, so only in accordance with the method online tips, to apply for certification through directly to the official written email result is no echo. Finally, in the Internet to see other users that WeChat has stopped Sina certification, and very helpless, if you can not stop a notice earlier notice


step two: apply for Tencent micro-blog certified

Sina micro-blog, then I would change the Tencent micro-blog certification, Tencent will tell you is a WeChat, it should be easy to apply? So in accordance with the Tencent micro-blog on the process, to apply for certification to the Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog and so on the number of friends are sent to meet the standard, after the submission, also failed, the original WeChat the official of the new policy, the Tencent micro-blog certification allows only personal name to name as the site for authentication, certification is not allowed.

step three: apply for official WeChat micro-blog certified

the front wheel to try it has spent more than two months, this time WeChat official just announced the WeChat certified charging news, 300 yuan a year, so the heart of a ruthless, I would like to make money not yet? A look at the conditions for qualification is not enough, must be enterprises can apply for. My website is a personal identity to do.

step four: registered company

and the heart of a ruthless, for a total enterprise can! A friend said, to do a business license is not very fast, but do a business license pass certification, WeChat certified company need to bank account money must be verified, the company bank account, bank account to tax the registration certificate, do need a business license and tax registration certificate of organization code. Eventually found a business agent, spent 800 dollars, with a month before the whole set of documents. >