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first, let’s figure out what the silk road is –

is this:


is not this:


silk road is a drug of the notoriety n (and probably other illegal goods, such as firearms) trading site, 2 years has maintained its own "keyword attributes anonymous, dark network and Tor encryption". Its founder, Ross Ulbricht, has been arrested. FBI has shut down the site for the two time, so we now see its version of the third – created by the new successor.

currently has about 50 online drug trading sites, such as Agora, Amazon Dark and Silk Road, 3.

in the 1 edition of the Silk Road, less than 2 years, the transaction amount of more than $1 billion 200 million ($9 million 500 thousand).

On average,

charges 10% of each transaction. Therefore, they were more than 120 million U.S. dollars in that period of time, coupled with the appreciation of bitcoin, I believe this amount is the vast majority of companies are expected to have.

obviously, the silk road has its unique secret. And the secret is that startups can try.

The success of

"trust" –

previously, drug dealers are so sales:


now, they are more subtle, and can record their credibility:


Silk Road and Airbnb, Uber and Getaround, are based on trust and efficiency of the business.

The strength of the

market is that it can reshape the old industrial system through the change of human thinking and behavior patterns, so that the business platform. For example, reciprocity (ratings and reviews), standardization (standards and replicability), scarcity (supply and demand adjustment). These are all resolved by the market.

so, the silk road brings the twenty-first Century style drug trade.

silk road users don’t have to face the suspected drug dealer, fake, or mixed with drugs do not know what the. The Silk Road in the face of drug dealers and eliminate counterfeit drugs and ensure that there is no fear of unknown chemicals.

if the seller sold counterfeit drugs, will be deleted. Seller and buyer will be promoted to more