in order to quickly promote their own websites, we must know how to make flexible use of "leveraging thrust". "Leveraging the thrust" purpose is to use the high quality website quickly spread their website information out. For example, video promotion, soft Wen promotion and so on.

tips: video promotion method

1, the original video

now netizens like original, fresh things. We have to make some videos according to the content of our website. For example, you are doing a pet site, you should take some of the details of the pet with you, suburban activities. Then in the video playback process, insert your site information (watermark). Remember that the watermark must be eye-catching, let others see, at a glance, the effect is the best. To find some of the more high-profile, large flow of video stations to publish their own video. Such as Youku, potatoes, cool, 51 video station etc..

2, reproduced popular video

how to find the most popular videos, movies. Baidu search list can help you. We can see in the list, ranked in the top three search volume is very large, the difference is very far behind, so we should focus on the top three. Find resources through the BT site, (if not, we can record it on TV). The use of video watermarking tools, in the video on their web site. Remember: the watermark position is reasonable, the font should be large, conspicuous.

two tricks: soft Wen promotion method

we all know, soft Wen promotion is the best, and the spread speed is very fast, but if there is no targeted release, it is able to achieve the effect of 42 pounds. The following two points to note:

1, enterprise station: to be released to the Sina major portals, can quickly improve the visibility of the site, to achieve the effect of legislation to see the afternoon!

2, personal stand: for example, you are doing shopping, you can publish to YAHOO. Do SEO, website promotion, released to the webmaster portal to achieve good results.

soft Wen released the first choice: A5 webmaster network at present, is the webmaster the best soft Wen released, every day to A5 collection of soft Wen site, tens of millions, so the reprint rate is quite high.

three tricks: keep the original +

group blog

first to some large blog registered your blog, then collect blog account, according to the written by you every day of the original article, plus the number of your blog group, (the best group, with a large number of blog group blog tool if you hand hair will be very tired if you write every day) 3 original articles, and you have 10 blog. This is invisible, you increase the number of thirty outside the chain, played a total of thirty ads, because large blogs, such as Sina, NetEase blog community, the attention of Internet users is very high.

four tricks: offline promotion method