I do network marketing propaganda website way (10 open 500IP)

I was in the first half of 2006 the age of propaganda site the way with you said may be good for you, 10 days, 500IP may not be much, but is good for a novice, I this propaganda way is hard to be the webmaster please do not read, have good publicity the way people don’t waste your time watching. Come to the point:

the first half of 2006 was when I saw a website on the Internet can become rich information, open the web site read, completely enchanted, is perhaps the reason why we want the money which is right, the site is SOHO second network marketing, always thinking about how to make money on the site. After a few days I do business bank card that night to buy the 150 dollars to have a website to make money or permanent (false) days after the work is the Internet, I also taught me a lot of the on-line publicity, I have used the following, tell me first! Landing net address navigation station I submitted a lot do not know that they have not included I do not know not to see themselves and their code.

second to the grid site to submit their own website, when people have made a chart, which reads: www.ffjz.net month earned 3000 way. Huh, huh, huh, then I looked at the flow statistics 2/3 from the grid.

third / day post made a non-stop, I do not know how many letters make the management of ID and IP, then the Internet cafes IP address change send non-stop, but just want to have members will have money, a few days later there is a join into my downline, that day I have 50 dollars a week, 6 for payment, earn money from the site for the first time to own more confidence. Money for money, there is power, coupled with the site is the success of all the articles that have not been wrong.

fourth blog promotion, big blog site and go to a lot of back stop did not know there is no see, every time I go to see that there are different ads, then use Baidu boring checked my own QQ number (ads are added to QQ) not thousands of pages to wow believe Oh, can still be found.

fifth information website forum has been to write themselves slowly to think of it, this approach is not feasible but it is to make money to become rich ah money is power, I hope you have good propaganda methods for everyone to use under.

that I only had 15 days MLM invested 150 yuan to earn 150 yuan, you say I do not earn fees do not know how much the Internet, although no money, but let me know the Internet is to make money, that is to see you with what method.

Mao song

December 26, 2007