I think there are a lot of similar sites in the online sales and offline sales, the purpose is to help users to buy things, but different ways. And to enhance the site’s sales, some common methods we can learn from, do not have to engage in the promotion of the network can be achieved popularity, the following Peng Yucheng on one example for everyone to share.

the first method: related products auxiliary sales

most of the friends have been in joyo.com to buy something, I basically a year in joyo.com will buy 500 yuan of books, books I have not seen, but the last purchase, the reason is joyo.com there is a tip in the bottom of each book: "buy this book readers also bought" XXX "; the best combination: xxx+xxx". Through this little tip, you will find that you have these needs. Excellent network has helped you think, do not want to buy is difficult.

is another example, if you have SEO users to find books sales, you must be at SEO which book is good, I am a novice who to buy books to learn SEO and so on a series of questions, but as you can tell, focus on the user to buy the book. You can learn SEO, you want to tell him: if you are a novice, to grasp the network promotion skills, learning SEO alone is not enough, you also need to know the blog promotion, soft writing and so on, seriously study these books, I guarantee that you will become a master of network promotion. We must have a way to sell products in the sale of products to enhance the concept of site sales, and constantly for the sake of users, consider more than the user.

second ways: enjoy a better cost-effective

for example of his own experience, a few weeks ago to buy a laptop computer city, ahead of a Acer optimistic about the computer, the budget at around 3500. In the computer city is indeed found the computer I want, but after sales personnel, found that the computer memory is not enough, the CPU frequency is very low, the hard disk is only 180G, if too much at the same time to run the program, the computer will be very card. After the introduction of several sales staff, found that this statement is more correct. I found one of the slightly better sales staff, asked him to help me recommend a suitable for me, the result will be spent 400 yuan. This is something I want to say is, if the sales staff know more than the user, based on the user requirement, the user did not take into account the value to help users take into account, it is easy to do sales, online sales is the same.

third ways: increase the amount of sales

for example beside us, if you go to the big shopping malls, will pay attention to in front of the cashier will put many small things or promotion of things. For example, we bought a bottle of Coca-Cola in the beverage area (bottle) 6.5 yuan, to the cashier when there are signs that the purchase of Coca-Cola + Sprite (bottle) suit as long as 11 yuan, often we will.