According to Analysys International

(Analysys International SNS) "Chinese market User Research Report 2008" the study found that by friends in real life or online games is the main way to introduce users informed of the SNS website, visible existing interpersonal relationship network is the most important foundation to spread SNS; and also has the proportion of 17.6% letters of invitation and that viral marketing is an effective means of. It is worth noting that there are more than 1/3 users through the search engine to learn SNS site, SNS site should pay attention to search engine marketing.

Analysys International (Analysys International) suggested: in the realization of word-of-mouth marketing at the same time, the SNS website also should pay attention to the website search engine marketing, often on the site to optimize keywords, when necessary, can be extended to buy keywords.

research definition

Analysys International (Analysys International) for online dating is defined as: online dating service website for users.

Analysys International (Analysys International) is currently dating sites are mainly divided into the following categories:

dating class: Based on the emotional needs of online dating, interactive behavior;

business class: Based on the needs of the work, online or offline to make friends, interactive behavior;

life class: Based on the needs of life, such as shopping, rental and other needs of interactive behavior;

comprehensive category: refers to the above three services and other services.

SNS is a form of online dating, English Social Network Service shorthand, social network service. SNS is designed to help people build social networks for Internet application services. SNS website and general dating sites (such as the majority of dating sites) the essential difference is that we must meet the six degree theory, that is, friends can see each other’s friends list. In line with the principle of the website can be called SNS dating sites.

research methods

this survey is divided into two parts: online user research, in-depth interviews with analysts. For the recovery of data through the SPSS data analysis and processing, and on the basis of this report, the total of 1372 a recycling questionnaire, and after excluding incomplete questionnaires, strict logic, weighted ratio processing, eventually obtaining effective questionnaire 1092 copies.

online user research

specific method is questionnaire put in Analysys website, and the website, professional website SNS users from hundreds of websites set up links to promote joint research, active participation by the user to fill in the questionnaire way to get information.