with the continuous development of Internet video sites. The power of the current Internet video has no less than television media. Many Internet video sites are big buy many fine program copyright. Potatoes, for example, have bought all of you familiar with the "Kangxi came," the independent broadcast copyright. The development of the Internet video site for us to optimize the promotion of personnel is not an opportunity. We can use these video sites for their own site to guide more target traffic. So if you want to promote a video you need to start from what aspects?

1: content is still king, video is no exception

is the first step in the promotion of video is that you need to create a video of their own. When you make a video you must remember, if you want to obtain the potential customer traffic you want, then you must in your content under the foot, like the common content, video content is still content is king. You need to create a more targeted video content for your target audience. Your goal is to make your target audience feel satisfied and content, which will enable them to further access and share your site content. Your video will be spread to the viral model. At the same time you can in your video at the beginning and end of your site or add a watermark in the video, of course without affecting the user experience.

two: you need to use the mainstream video site

do you appreciate how much video viral marketing. Your video will likely spread like a virus on the Internet, which will increase the site’s traffic, especially those interested in video content. Video is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools, but after we have a quality video, how to choose a good web site for your video is also a key. I think we should choose a stable and high weight of the domestic video sites, it is none other than non Youku and potatoes, as it is currently the best foreign YouTube. Publishing videos via these video sites will cost you a lot of money, and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on traditional TV commercials as much as you did in the past. And, if your video has quality, your video will be shared on the audience’s social network. All of these are the benefits you won’t be able to get on the traditional expensive TV commercials.

three: you need to use social networking sites to promote


now if you don’t have a micro-blog you out, along with the development of social networking sites, now the general Internet users have their own social networks, and social networks in our marketing industry also plays an increasingly important role, at the same time, the biggest search engine Google also announced that they will take the social the signal into one of the ranking factors. So combine your video marketing with social networking