Web2.0 era website promotion law ultimate (1):
        1 for Links

    initial target;;     find what kind of links? This is very particular about. In general, the travel agency has just made the website, do a little under the background of the adjustment, every day up brush, ALEXA ranking in about 4 million or so, if you do get, a month can enter 1 million, it can be said that in the interval 1 million -400 million range, the pr value is generally not more than 0, this time if large sites such as Sina with Tianya Ctrip this giant link, polite email back to you directly feel shy, when spam to DEL, therefore, when the early links should also pay attention to the door when the door to. The first is to find a friend relationship, if you are in a comprehensive website ranking within 10000 or top 50000 travel websites have good friends or customers, supporting them on the web is not a very good position to add a link, because of the face is generally not refuse, do not underestimate this humble link for you, the traffic and the PR value are helpful, may with the aid of the Dongfeng website will stride into the 500 thousand threshold, then bring traffic and tourist. Of course, this friend is scarce, looking for suitable website links is the main task of this stage.

        my advice is not to the comprehensive site in the early time of the link, after all we do is travel website, the audience has some limitations, even links may not be seen, especially one that is not very comprehensive website, is often biased in one aspect, understanding of the tourism may not have counterparts so deep, so is the first choice of traveling website. In the link, I usually refer to the compass network http://s.www.ly321.com/lvxingshe.htm listed counterparts website, one is that the data is more, another reason is to put the mouse in the URL link on the site to see the world rankings. In the past the 1 million mark the time has not yet found, ranked 500 thousand in the world -100 million peer links easy success than tables, so they can easily browse the ranking function is very important. Spend a little time to find dozens of peers on the site, including the size of the travel agencies around the country, very convenient. Maybe you can see their own website, ha ha, there is no http://s.www.ly321.com/about/user_website_add.asp can also be submitted here.

        in the site did not break through the 1 million mark, basically do not want to