website loyalty, perhaps you see this noun is not too familiar with. But he greatly reflects the image of the site in the hearts of the old users, and whether the old user will be free for you to spread his website important conditions. Because of the occurrence of a small incident yesterday, I am greatly interested in the sense of loyalty to the site.

this is the case, yesterday I received a user feedback, said someone from my forum to contact him, and want to buy my website account, and in my forum to promote. Believe that such things are commonplace. But the loyal user did not agree, and immediately contacted me, to me, "report" the person. Then I began to attach importance to this move, indeed a few days ago, I was contacted to buy accounts in the forum to do promotion, but I refused, did not expect that this will start from my users. But more fortunate is that I have a high degree of loyalty to the site, the user guardian of my site.

finally when I know this account others bid $400, but he chose not to sell. And angry tell to me here. There is something in the middle of something, so that users of the site to protect the interests of the site. This is worth me to dig, do SEO should not do it? A good site is the need to maintain the user, which is not just like the level of loyalty than a little deeper.

after that, I was wondering why he didn’t sell it, and why did he give it back to me?. Then I went to check the account login, has not logged in for a long time, but he did not forget my site. Only a few have come. (small revealed that the forum is the local tourism forum, hosted around the passengers 10 thousand people, the forum has been gone, people come in, the only constant is the forum. Well, the situation on the forum to say so much, the following analysis of how to do loyalty website


concludes with a summary of some of the factors that generate loyalty:

a, the need for physical business model

network is now too many shops, return rate is generally not high. The same commodity, Jingdong today, tomorrow to Taobao, simply can not predict, let alone user loyalty. Of course, do a good job, but today we are mainly aimed at small and medium enterprises. The operating entity charm is more exposed to the user, understand the user, make friends with the user, when you become a friend, he also defend your rights as behoove things, at this time, the user loyalty to the website has generated.

two, the quality of the product or service needs to be excellent

this is the basic factor, the site itself provides services or products can not allow users to recognize, then everything is zero. Not to mention your promotion or promotion, even after he had a friend needs the product >