host Li Shanyou: I was in the Sohu, every time I see new things out, we always say a word, say let him do, he do after we imitate it, in our platform to do more than him a little, a lot of people this is not the letter, which I don’t believe. After I started my own business, I did find that a new company, a new website from 0 to do the 1, it is very difficult and very difficult thing. Although I have done five or six years, but also made a few traffic, but I really think it is very difficult thing.

speaker for today, including our very famous, my idol, Mr. Hong Bo, how his speech is the subject of cutting-edge Internet companies to build their own marketing strategy; Qin induced speech is "265 network marketing experience sharing"; Ke Xixing’s speech is "how to realize through the network marketing alliance best marketing effect" and so on, good first of all, we welcome the industry’s most popular Hong Bo speech.

Hong Bo: today called Alexa500, in fact I do not know much about Alexa, because I once wrote an article, I think the Alaxa is abnormal attention led to the blind pursuit of flow, as the flow of quality is not important. Some sites pursue garbage flow, the performance of Alexa seems to be very good-looking. Some even get the money, but it is difficult to create value for users. I am more concerned about Web2.0, in fact, many of our entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs Web2.0, if you are Web2.0 entrepreneurs, I think you should be more concerned about is not traffic, but your users. I always think it should be more emphasis on your website the number of active users on the site, I think this is the most critical thing, especially Web2.0 to provide users with what website, I think the user experience is the key. Today, we participated in a community meeting, the theme of the conference is "word of mouth marketing", there are a lot of websites is done through word of mouth marketing, has never done advertising. Deng Feng just said, they did not do advertising, is the word of mouth, that is, your users say, and then introduced to other users. I even think that word-of-mouth marketing is worth more than the value of advertising, if you take 5 million from Deng Feng there, and then you put 2 million to CCTV, the 2 million for the Sohu, I think the site is hard to do.

I think now entrepreneurs, there are a lot of people are good at using word of mouth marketing. In fact, today in the community meeting, (2009) Yang Bo said (2009) marketing, in fact, watercress is good use of word-of-mouth marketing examples, he spends very little, a person who is also quite pull, I think it is right to pull. Yang Bo also said that your things better, your products better. You want the user to help you promote, first of all have to give him a good thing to use. If I use a thing, I feel good, I will naturally introduce to the people around. Especially when people ask me what I want to buy a digital camera, I think this digital camera is good, I will recommend to him