every year, many start-up companies put IPO on the agenda, expect to be able to successfully realize the "dream" of the moment, this process is like an assault and blocking both campaigns, the results are always a few happy tears. This year is no exception.

reporter Zhu Xiaopei


listing is not an important thing, the development of the company’s business is more important." Almost all entrepreneurs in the face of how to look at this issue, will throw such a standard answer". But whether admit or not, the listing is the entrepreneur’s ultimate dream, the most critical one.

listing is a good thing, you can make the company more formal, more financing channels. The world’s top 100 companies, there are 90 listed companies, which illustrates the problem. Some people earn money after the listing, in turn need not listed, but did not see their delisting, this is called down the chopsticks aguirre." Always speak frankly unfamiliar street CEO Tang Yan before the listing of the financial world magazine to talk about his views on the listing. Later, in the IPO scene, he said the moment such as "like a wonderful dream".

second on the market may be more worried about the listing, the first but not so anxious." American CEO Wang Xing, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung had to "financial world" magazine said that, the two companies have passed this year will be listed on the queue. In fact, regardless of the first or second, when one of the listed, the rest will always be uncomfortable.

listing means more financing channels, which, of course, competitors do not want to see. And if it is the first to market, the value of second will be greatly reduced in the eyes of investors. So, no matter how entrepreneurs that "do not think the market is the most important thing", listed in the stalls, they are eager for a fight, or explicitly or implicitly cast eighteen like Wu Yi, sprint or blocking opponents IPO.

VS58: ganji.com City sprint and Nick

Ganji and 58 city, is an old enemy, was established in 2005, consistent with the target audience. In October 2013, 58 city landed on the NYSE, the tug of war between the two looks, temporarily have a result. But Yang Haoyong doesn’t think so. In August 14, 2014, Ganji won the Tiger Fund and Carlyle’s investment of $200 million in the fifth round of financing, then Yang Chung said that in June 2015 the United States IPO.

at that time, Yang Haoyong said, they just out of the money, then the stock began to fall, fell from 54 to more than 47. What is the reason? First, we raised the money, and the 58 city said: ‘we have a strong competitor.’ And then analysts will analyze the growth rate of our two, we are also more than a little bit faster than they." Yang Haoyong stressed that the company will not be listed in the identity of the second. "We thought we were doing IPO in 2014, or at least 1 more years."