some time ago, WeChat circle of friends online advertising, which quickly detonated. The first round of the launch of BMW, vivo smart phones, Coca-Cola three also greatly benefit, the topic has been far more than the effect of its effect.

WeChat has always forced the grid is very high, why are now willing to come out to sell it, I think, it is because WeChat has also seen the value of the marketing circle of friends, the space is very large.

don’t believe it? We can analyze it:

first, WeChat’s huge number of users. WeChat line so far, has covered more than and 200 countries and regions, the world’s total number of registered accounts of 1 billion 120 million, the monthly number of active accounts combined with the number of 440 million. With a total of 8 million 530 thousand public numbers, a daily increase of 25 thousand. The number of such a large number of users, advertising is clearly very large space.

secondly, WeChat based on the acquaintance of the chain. At the beginning of the development of WeChat which is defined as acquaintances social tools, especially the relationship between the chain design circle of friends, although highly closed, but also because of this, the absolute guarantee the interaction of acquaintances, the circle of friends formed a "trust endorsement". So, although the circle of friends spread high threshold, but also the value of high conversion.

finally, the frequency of the use of WeChat circle of friends. Relevant data show that users use more content on WeChat text chat, voice chat, the proportion of the two are used in more than 80%, while the proportion of the use of circle of friends is as high as 77%. In addition, Zhang Xiaolong in December last year, WeChat open class also referred to a "data, the amount of reading very much from the circle of friends subscription number, which is consistent with the principle of 2/8 distribution, 20% of users to the subscription number inside to select the content, then 80% of the users in the circle of friends to read the content." The frequency of use of WeChat circle of friends is obvious.


so, WeChat circle of friends for advertisers, absolutely is a marketing treasure, not absolute shame. As a "treasure" master, WeChat naturally reluctant to waste, "don’t make the white does not make".

however, the circle of friends is advertising nouveau riche can afford, for ordinary advertisers, how to penetrate it? There is only one answer, depending on the content. If you are a good content can cause the resonance of WeChat users, will naturally form a circle of friends chain communication".

so, what kind of content is more likely to lead to the user’s resonance, induced in the circle of friends to share it? I think there are three incentives.

1) and I related

from the psychological factors, each person is the first concern, but also eager to be concerned about others, this is a subconscious behavior. For example, when you see a photo, the first thing you see is yourself, then others. Therefore, the content of WeChat’s circle of friends is the same, only when your content is closely related to the user itself, the user >