website promotion aims to allow as many potential users to understand and visit the website, through the website to obtain information about products and services, and ultimately to provide support for the purchase decision. Website promotion need the help of some network tools and resources, common website promotion tools and resources include search engines, catalogue, email, Web links, online yellow pages and classified ads, e-books, free software, network advertising media, the traditional marketing channels. In fact, any kind of promotion methods above will play a certain role, or related methods combination strategy, but the premise is to choose a reasonable use of promotion methods, some website promotion methods and tools, so the basic formulation and implementation of website promotion method is effective to fully understand and reasonable application of the tools and resources to promote the various site.

      website promotion main method

      (1) related website promotion strategy

      the related sites, usually refers to the same institution owned or controlled by the individual website (including two websites), but has a relationship of mutual promotion between these sites. Association website promotion is a lot of Internet Co (or to the Internet as the main means of marketing enterprises) secret success "secret", there are some websites rely on related website promotion, even using the search engine is defined as the associated link cheating, the result may be punished by search engines (website search engine index database is cleared), some sites only for improving the flow (not effective access) to make related sites become each other to improve web traffic ranking tools.

?? as a general enterprise website (including online product sales oriented enterprises, website promotion network) is to obtain the effective traffic rather than site traffic statistics of the data, is through the web site users to access information and services, and ultimately the formation of purchase. Practical experience indicates that not all traffic has value, website traffic obtained through improper means, such as association website pop-up ads, never related pages to get automatic redirection and so on, because these methods are often those in pursue of site visits (can thus be obtained by other approaches such as earnings, investors the investment of network advertising, etc.), so the relevant website promotion strategy is often misunderstood. The basic idea of the promotion strategy is to learn from it, as long as the rational use of the relationship between the relevant sites in the actual application, do not make it a false website traffic tools.

      the role of association site

? The role of the association site can be described in three ways:

? First, increase the chance to be found in search engine results. Because in the same row >