editor’s note: the author Ameet Ranadive is an entrepreneur and Twitter product manager.

recently, I discussed the issue of product differentiation and product strategy with a group of product managers. In the process of talking about my previous article published "how to promote your products to investors," discusses the probability of success of product promotion. When you want to promote a new product, it is important to know what kind of opportunity the market can offer you. In other words, the difference of products can make us more competitive.


in this article, I would like to further clarify the concept of product differentiation, and build a framework, I hope you can use this framework to find the most suitable for their products and the most promising selling points.

positioning product features framework

in determining the characteristics of the product, it should be from the following two perspectives: 1) customer value; 2) product uniqueness.

customer value: This product characteristics can attract customers? The value of it is high (which bring great convenience for the customer) or low (there are no can)? Is the most of the customers are in need, or only a small number of users to attract attention?

product uniqueness: is your product unique in the market? Is there any direct or indirect competitor’s products on the market that already have this feature?

as long as the product is given the characteristics of the above two angles from the previous analysis, then you can use the framework mentioned below to determine whether the product characteristics can win the favor of the market.


of course, everyone hopes that their products and their own characteristics can be maintained in the upper half of the framework (that is, with high customer value). But when your product is located in the lower part of the frame, you should consider changes to make it more attractive.

desktop chip

if a product feature has a high customer value, but from the whole market is not unique, it is called "desktop chips". Although the customer attaches great importance to and demand, but because of the lack of uniqueness, it can not make your product stand out.

product differentiation

I believe that everyone wants to keep their products in the upper right corner of the frame – both have high customer value, but also has a unique. But you have to consider, from a strategic point of view for your products to create differences.

nobody cares about

assume that your product is located in the lower right corner, indicating that your product is unique enough, but the lack of customer value. This is the "no one cares" feature. A lot of product managers (or startups)