recently completed a maternal community electricity supplier m it 10 million yuan Angel round of financing, by Party A as capital financing consultant winfore maternal lead investor, chain corporation famous baby baby bear with the vote, the current valuation of 300 million yuan. It is reported that the Berenstain Bears Shiying peak maternal subsidiary. This strategic investment rice ah, the Berenstain Bears will introduce m it strong commodity and logistics supply chain and its millions of users. It will be injected into the baby bear meters professional maternal content and Internet elements. The two sides will be in the development of members, members of the sharing of goods and logistics supply chain sharing, collaborative marketing, content sharing, online and offline activities interactive, collaborative experience and other aspects of the line reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation.

m founder Peng Youzhong said in an interview, ah ah is China’s first maternal and child community electricity supplier, the current 92% meters on the platform after the mother of the user is the user after 90 and, the seed user has been 580 thousand, daily live users. The financing is mainly used to explore the mother and child community electricity supplier model, including maternal and Child video community exploration, in addition to user development and team optimization.

M 1 pregnant theme group social platform has been achieved. The 2 is Chinese ah was the first prospective mother community electricity supplier, is different from the current competitors (SOCIAL + electricity in this mode, social and commercial two basic modules are independent of each other) of the platform mode, the third party community business is different from other completely dependent on WeChat and QQ. M ah based on completely independent research and development of the IM platform architecture, from the beginning of the product level and operational level of social and electricity providers fully integrated to solve the previous platform traffic conversion rate of short board. M 3 version is the mother and child O2O service platform.

was founded in August 2014, in a year meters valuation of 300 million yuan, in addition to benefit from maternal Chinese up to 2 trillion of the market outlook, Peng Youzhong believes that Chinese maternal market can support 10 ten billion revenue scale vertical Internet Co, m it’s goal is to become the BAT level of maternal super brand.

has been developed to solve the 1 meters, the younger generation mother of users of three mobile terminal social demands: emotional communication, and share knowledge doubts. There are one hundred thousand meters in O group in M IT platform for group members to provide conception service for goods and services, business social strong relationship with high viscosity based on high frequency line. In meters, the goods are not sold to the user, the product is a service, is a kind of rice to provide a series of breeding services, Peng Youzhong think rice like strong social relationships will be the future of electricity providers electricity supplier.

meter 1 cents to solve the three part of the younger generation of the mother of the top three mobile social demands:

for emotional communication demands, meters through the theme chat group to fully meet the needs of the mother. After the survey with the popular mother and child differences in the past is that the younger generation of mothers pay more attention to the immediacy, ah ah IM group chat way to emphasize the immediacy and interactivity can be perfect to meet the emotional needs of users. And in meters ah platform, chat to the