sometimes, money is not only the gold, gold on the edge of the water can also make money. With the growing number of startups and applications, cloud software security market has become a big cake.

Dome9 is a cloud security start-up companies, mainly to provide cloud environment security management, automation management and centralized management. Recently, Dome9 announced in the official website received $8 million 300 thousand B round of financing.

Dome9’s main business is to help users of cloud software to check the firewall, IP address list and port, traffic, etc.. In the past, these queries take a long time to query, but through the Dome9 can be completed in a few seconds.


is now doing more and more cloud software monitoring services companies, such as Skyhigh or Netskope have received a large amount of financing, Adallom has also been acquired. The security market for cloud infrastructure applications running has also been growing.

currently, Dome9 has received 250 paid users, including Citrix, Cloud, Technology Partners, Nexgate and TradAir. With the increasing use of public cloud services, cloud infrastructure services such as Dome9 companies will be a big draw.

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