three times to adjust the business model, it is difficult to understand what Microsoft wants to do

April 25, 2014, the Lama Temple on the edge of the new NOKIA marketing department office for Microsoft signs, front desk partners have continued sent a basket of flowers. After more than 8 months of the acquisition process is finally completed, the next NOKIA mobile phone business will be the core of Microsoft’s hardware business, the challenge of Google and Apple’s leading position in the mobile market.

Few of the hundreds of new Microsoft employees who were celebrating the day of

thought they would soon be forced to move out of the building. By the end of 14 months, almost everyone will leave the new company.

"7800", Microsoft CEO yesterday sent to the full mail, announced a new round of hardware business layoffs. On July last year, another major layoffs, with NOKIA joined Microsoft’s 25 thousand people, more than 20 thousand people have been cut off Microsoft.

and this single Microsoft invested more than $9 billion before the acquisition, and ultimately to book assets minus $7 billion 600 million ending. Plus restructuring business spent 750 million to $850 million.

14 months, Microsoft lost at least $84 – $9 billion 400 million. We’re not counting the ruined brand and Microsoft’s time in the mobile phone market.

NOKIA tragedy, from the beginning of February 2011

February 2011, NOKIA and Microsoft to establish strategic cooperation

NOKIA smartphone market share: 27.6%

Microsoft mobile phone business model: only do the operating system, the mobile phone manufacturers to collect licensing fees

The tragedy of

NOKIA also began in CEO full mail. In February 2011, NOKIA joined not long after the new CEO Stephen · elop wrote a letter to all employees.

‘s letter begins with a story: the rig is on fire, the workers have two choices, waiting to burn, or jump into the icy water to save themselves. In this letter has been dubbed the "burning platform (Burning Platform)" in the mail, he said NOKIA’s own operating system has no future, and announced to join Microsoft and rebuild a new global mobile phone ecosystem.

today we have not too easy to imagine, until the end of 2010, NOKIA and apple together, the majority of the smart phone market share. In the last quarter of the year, NOKIA sold 28 million smartphones, the highest point in its history.

But the crisis also has been approaching

. Released just 4 years of iPhone, relying on a single model can sell up to 16 million. > and