from the media is a recent popular word, the word is added to the media attribute label. In fact, this is a Web2.0 led by the user and the content of the Internet generated a derivative product model. Let’s look at the media now. Since the media said that the direct point is their own media platform, this platform can be an individual, can also be an agency. Their sex is anchored to the platform from the media exposure, the concept of the Internet circle around for a few years, from the blog to micro-blog, then WeChat, for the contents of the output of the platform, and since the concept of media has never gone away, gone from the media, both people from the media itself also pushed up there is a demand for the media market.


in from the concept of media to reach the peak time, even "everyone is from the media" the false proposition, are filled in the major media forum, alas, play media, journalists, public relations, webmaster, Navy, all from the media this label to her cheek, said from the media immediately rich handsome, say what the freelance writer at the turn of grass root.

so how is the media from the media to say that in fact, very early on, in fact, is the prototype of the blog from the media.

blog in the past ten years there has been a period of blowout development, there are also institutions and individuals in the operation, until now there are still a lot of people use. At that time, the blog is not just relying on publicity, most of the blog is to record the life of the original intention, in fact, is not so targeted. After the rapid development of the Internet, and many styles of Internet products after baptism, the use of the blog is a trend toward a low slide. Mobile phone with the advent of the Internet era, the blog also slowly being replaced by more Web2.0 products, such as micro-blog and WeChat, before being replaced by micro-blog, there is a transition period, the transition period has also spawned a product called light blogging, now this kind of light blog has ceased operations, only one of the few still support. So far, the blog is still an excellent writing platform, even if the Facebook and Twitter " " new social media; growing, Blogspot (the world’s largest blog service provider, acquired by Google in 2003) the traffic and the number of users remains a growth within the flow in the world TOP10, but why prosperity from the media in the Chinese have to wait until the decline of micro-blog / WeChat blog, the period of the rise of


into the mobile Internet era, the user side of the PC computer usage will decline, while the user is on the app side of the mobile phone is a straight line, then there must be a product is in line with the public’s preferences. In other words, the audience groups to cover a wide range, so today’s headlines this product was born, but also can be said to conform to the trend of the times. It is said that today’s headlines coverage area reached 300 million, in order to continue to grow and maintain existing users, today’s headlines