Half the sky and red internet network video last year compared to February so far, in addition to some remarks of investors and media, the network video industry seems to have entered a hitherto unknown quiet period, launched yesterday by the iResearch video website industry in Minggong center salon held, even doing research are not heavy live gas, the industry has been silent to the extreme, Youku, potatoes, cool wandering network BOBO network and home network, different types of video sites in addition to appearance, but also to show that these sites we are still alive, still thinking about what to do next. In the prologue, the vice president of iResearch Ruan Jingwen straight to the theme, please, not to sell our report, because I think the network video industry has entered a critical year. Implication, this time is too quiet, don’t know what was going on, what to do, not afraid of the industry to strengthen exchanges, industry and even go on.

if you want to use one word to sum up the network video industry Chinese, many people may have a "bull" word to describe the "bull" word for the video website industry in the past year by concern after great degree is so vivid and appropriate. "Behind the cow", contains the network video industry from birth to a certain stage of development of industrial chain prototype, from Chinese Internet users begin to know the video site for this new thing to the average Internet users every time more than 20 minutes to see the video through the network, from the industry to gather more than $100 million in venture capital to enter the field. Only a year’s time.   video site from the birth, and capital stand together. , whether it is the content of copyright, bandwidth or new user costs, high operating costs of network video seems to have been the highest point of the Internet project so far. Sina launched a podcast, Netizens feel obviously open the Sina page speed than before, in a recent Sina and cooperate with Telecom’s release, sina CEO and President Cao Guowei forthrightly spoke of cooperation for the video business does have substantial bandwidth cost pressure, when the first shot of venture capitalists in. "The network video industry Chinese could not earn money" words, they have begun to regret it. Bandwidth is only a part of it, and it is a problem that can be solved by money. Video web site in the face of pressure, almost beyond people’s imagination, in China, to the dissemination of the contents, and the dissemination of the contents by way of video, therefore bring about copyright, policy, and whether the goal of harmonious society is consistent and so on series of problems will be put forward by people of all kinds, changes in the network video industry, seems to have the butterfly effect can produce energy.   recently, a Shanghai professor Zhang Ziyi about the "greatness" is popular, in here, I want to say more, greater than Zhang Ziyi the great is our network video entrepreneurs, although they bear the hitherto unknown pressure, although they are not making money, even in the family are not up to but, at least they make people all over the world to see the young Chinese great wisdom.