June 9th, branch Xun network maintenance system released announcement, June 10th, stressed the need to restore the site of branch Xun network 3, as of June 12th, the micro-blog platform in the enterprise authentication account has been emptied of all information, the customer service has also been a machine voice system is being upgraded, please wait "prompt.

after the net Campbell run away, the high risk of branch Xun network once again highlight the P2P net loan. But the high profit and high risk, investors seem to pay more attention to the former, plus the P2P net loan is in the "no barriers, no standards, no regulatory agency three no state, P2P net loan users of small P are dangerous and are extremely lack of awareness of rights, the P2P website run away things happen at the same time one after another also, is bound to lead to net loan industry big reshuffle.

P2P net loan rapid development, frequent foot events

Internet banking in 2014 the most fire is P2P net loan, according to the data speed transit Institute, by the end of May 2014, the national P2P net loan loans amounted to 64 billion 6 million yuan, P2P net loan and save the average daily number has about 40 thousand people. In May this year, the national P2P net loan scale has reached 64 billion yuan……

P2P the growth of the internal driving force of high profits, individual net loan can quickly on the Internet has won the favor of investors, of course, is to cater to the investors seeking to maximize the benefits of the psychological nature, and whether it is a minimum of 13% net Campbell, long-term interest of up to 20%, or an average of 14% branch Xun net interest directly seckill all kinds of financial baby, the moment to attract the attention of investors.

According to the

network home loan data, only in May this year there are 8 net loan platform to run away, but at the end of May there have been 44 P2P platform run away, mention is difficult issues such as self reflection, also need to frequently run away behind investors.

Perhaps some

technology has false than true even "true": high yield, in cooperation with the central bank, in the economically developed areas, the relationship with Guarantee Corporation, search engine promotion, hang out a whoop and a holler certification…… But too perfect, itself is a doubt, according to reports, net Campbell company registered address reality does not exist! As a huge group of users of the P2P platform, the users have no one to on-the-spot investigation, and the subsequent individual net loan to run away rights awareness is superficial, is undoubtedly one disaster after another.

Dispersion determines the user is difficult to achieve collective rights platform

net loan investors, but individual rights consciousness is the heart cinnabar mole: tech-ex. com investor Mr Leung said, "in more than 1000 confirmed tech-ex. com run away" victims, the rights to face Mr. Liang called, only 4 people to each other! Strange and dispersed investors clearly on rights is difficult to reach an agreement, P2P net loan platform speed Feishi frequently run away success events, on the one hand is the lack of regulation, on the other hand, investors’ greed and relax.