A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 17th news, yesterday, the establishment of a joint venture Tencent literature and Shanda’s new company read the text group announced the official listing. Since the second half of last year, the acquisition of Shanda literature on the rumors of Tencent literature has never been interrupted. And from the news now, a new huge reading literary group was born, has confirmed the first answer to a variety of rumors.

It is understood that

reading group will be unified management and operation Chinese network, originally belonging to the starting point of Shanda literature and Tencent’s literary creation Chinese, Xiaoxiang College, Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels, clouds college, QQ reading, Nakaji Hirofumi, etc. the Chinese world brand. It is estimated that the new company will control 80% of the domestic network literature industry market share, covering up to 60% of the readership.

The latest

enfodesk data show that the grand literature series 6 original literature website about 50% market share of the network literature, the creation of Tencent Chinese network and Baidu system and Chinese net market share in 12.8% and 8.4% respectively. Tencent Shanda literature, the network literature market, Tencent department will be a big.

will be a grand literary copyright content and Tencent integration, an advantage is a massive user from the Tencent, so users bring a broader extension needs and category; in addition, the Tencent has a strong IP development categories, a series of games, movies, music and animation industry chain can bring rich columns derivative products and surrounding the development value of literature."

Wu Wenhui said in an internal letter, as "China largest Internet reading enterprise", reading group in the next ten years, will be committed to development goal of "national reading", this year will invest billions of funds for non network literature content and procurement, to discuss cooperation with many publishers. Reading group today has established more than 300 books, nearly 100 million users, the annual income of nearly 2 billion, and a team of 1200 employees.

according to industry analysis, with the merger of the two largest network of literary institutions, the future, more content will be pushed through the network of social networking tools Tencent more potential users. Prior to the WAP website, online reading, client channel advertising popups will no longer be fresh, through WeChat ads, QQ pop into a network of literary works make possible, direct exchange of reading points will become the inevitable with Q coins. In addition, there are people in the industry believe that, with the establishment of the reading group, will undoubtedly make the work itself and the author of the pricing mechanism of compensation in a long period of stability.

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