1 apple officially released iOS7, iPhone 5C and 5S

Beijing time on September 11th morning news, Apple Corp held a press conference at the California headquarters of the United States today officially released iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the two new iPhone in September 20th in China mainland and the United States, Japan, Australia, for the first time listed simultaneously, iPhone 5C priced 4488 yuan, iPhone 5S price 5288 yuan.

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2.BBS is the future direction of chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival


A5 stationmaster net daily: whether the long silence of the BBS has become the future direction of chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, where? How can we recognize it, in this era of rapid development of the Internet, it how to better develop their own? Here we see more to say about BBS.

3 aimed at the vertical subdivision platform: Dance projects have the opportunity to


in recent years, whether it is tiger basketball, the rise of small shrimp music or HJ education and other vertical segments of the platform, many entrepreneurs want to. Recently in Shanghai KIC Park, a dance for the entrance of the project and get a lot of attention of venture capital network.

dance network is a dance enthusiasts platform, it provides information, video sharing, community discussions, equipment guide, training courses and line dance contest. Yan Yan, founder of the site in the dance industry has 10 years of experience, the experience of the Internet for the past 3 years, has worked with the Shanghai lifestyle channel host Juliet founded the entertainment company as CEO.

Wei Haijun, senior manager of

Shanda investment, said he was optimistic about the 10 years of experience in the field of dance, young, vertical segments of the project. In addition to Wei Navy outside, this project plans to invest "jump" and the road group, gold investment, Fidelity International etc..


, jumping net got a number of popular attention, however, one of the most professional vertical segments of content platform, how much the market? How to seize more customers? And potential future competitors is worth pondering, you know, although the tiger basketball but aimed at the start is a basketball market; do not Shanghai is English, for the whole education market.

4 the Internet entered the "era of mass", a bonanza called QQ

with the increase of Internet users and the various levels of Internet users increases, Chinese Internet began the transition from the "Internet era elite" to "popular era": outside of a second tier city, Internet users will become the absolute mainstream Internet users Chinese or from the number.

QQ number of users and active >