According to Reuters, hedge fund Third Point, a YAHOO investor, has asked Yahoo Corp to dismiss CEO Scott ·, who will be educated by next Monday, by

, a. The hedge fund Third Point, CEO Daniel · (Daniel, Loeb); Loeb is planning his nominee in the board of the Yahoo Corp, at the same time, he also called for the dismissal of a member of the board of directors Patti · Hart (Patti Hart), said Hart Loeb’s degree also exists the problem.

Yahoo Corp last year turnover fell more than 1/5, so the company · in the former president Carol; Bartz (Carol Bartz) after being laid off for five months, in January this year, the appointment of President Thompson once worked in the PayPal for the new CEO.

YAHOO’s spokesman could not immediately respond to the matter.

is the YAHOO board of directors of Thompson’s education were reviewed, before YAHOO in a document submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said, Thompson has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, but is actually a Bachelor of accounting. After the Yahoo Corp said it was a mistake caused by negligence".


problem is proposed by Loeb fabrication of academic credentials, at the same time on Friday to Loeb Yahoo Corp issued an ultimatum requirements before next Monday to fire Thompson.

but Loeb has not said, if the Yahoo Corp fails to do so, he will take what action.

Third Point, in addition, the entire process requires YAHOO open to Thompson in the investigation, at the same time for it before the board of directors nominated candidates, all Third Point also asked YAHOO to open the discussion. The hedge fund Third Point company holds 5.8% of the shares of the Yahoo Corp, YAHOO is one of the largest institutional shareholders.