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China pornography network May 17th news, in recent years, some criminals use the characteristics of cloud privacy and large storage space, convenient access, wantonly by the cloud disk pornography pornographic ", has aroused widespread concern. To effectively purify the Internet space, and effectively respond to the concerns of the masses, in early March of this year, the national pornography office and the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry, the national network information office and the press and publication administration carried out against the use of cloud disk to spread pornographic information special rectification actions. As of May 16th, the special rectification work has made important achievements, cloud jurisprudence issues have been effectively curbed, all localities and departments dealt with a large number of cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information cases, of which 10 cases is the national pornography office to supervise the handling. In addition, some cloud disk service companies respond positively to the rectification, the main responsibility for the implementation of the relevant product features were adjusted.

according to the national pornography office bulletin, Sichuan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other relevant departments to strengthen cooperation, ferreting out clues, uncovered a number of use of cloud disk dissemination of pornographic information for profit case. National pornography Office of the Anhui Suzhou "10·" 20 cloud disk dissemination of pornographic material case, Sichuan Mianyang "12· 21" cloud disk dissemination of pornographic material case, 10 cases were listed on supervision. These cases involve a number of cloud service companies. Investigating the case has three characteristics: one is the number. In the national anti pornography office has to supervise the handling of major cases this year, cloud cases accounted for nearly 20%; two is serious. Suspects selling a single cloud disk account containing pornographic videos up to thousands of individual cases involving cloud disk account up to tens of thousands. Three gang crime. Criminal gangs organized, clear division of labor, involving a wide range of areas, from the preparation of illegal software, the production of pornographic cloud disk, online sales and distribution of interests, the formation of a system, a mature chain of crime.

in the special rectification, public security, law enforcement, network information and Culture Department of press and publication also dealt with a number of administrative cases, administrative sanctions on the part of enterprise cloud disk services to fulfill the main responsibilities are not in place, a number of serious and adverse effects of the cloud service enterprises to shut down. With the special rectification continues, Baidu and other major cloud service enterprises to actively respond to regulatory requirements, the implementation of the main responsibility, use of effective technical measures of shielding, remove pornographic information, strengthen the technical input and safety audit, improve the active monitoring, discovery and disposal efficiency. 115 Sina, SkyDrive and a number of cloud service companies, according to regulatory authorities pointed out problems, actively implement the rectification at the same time, considering the safety supervision and management regulations, products of many kinds of factors such as profit model, announced the overall adjustment to the related product function.

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