Original title: WeChat

closure twenty million trick prostitute account

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) this year the oath, the Tencent phishing black chain to declare war, and start the thunder action. Tencent yesterday announced half a year to "wipe out" results: at present, WeChat cumulative Feng Ting twenty million trick prostitute account.

at the beginning of this year, Tencent joint police across the country, the Internet vendors and security team, launched a crackdown on the black chain of the network, thunder action". With the national "anti pornography net net action on the Internet pornographic information clear.

Tencent thunder action responsible Zhu Jinsong said yesterday that the Tencent currently has Shenzhen, Beijing, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangxi and other places the police and security team to establish cooperation channels, with around half the black police destroyed the network capacity (hacker industrial chain) more than ten groups, involving nearly 25 million yuan.

Zhu Jinsong also said that due to the ongoing upgrading of the network black technology, forensics and solve the difficulty gradually increased, concealment and mobility is also higher.

Tencent said, through reporting and processing, the current WeChat cumulative Feng Ting twenty million trick prostitute account, thirty thousand fake public account, Feng Ting daily ten million illegal, fraudulent advertising. Since March this year, the QQ and QQ space Feng Ting malicious account about 250 thousand, 150 thousand prohibit the dissemination of malicious links.

in addition, the Tencent established in early 10 million yuan "anti crime reward fund, set up 110 reporting platform. Tencent said that from January on the line so far, a total of more than 150 thousand received a report of information, has issued a bonus of $250 thousand.

it is understood that the Tencent will be in 2014 as the year of mobile Internet crime, says it will mobilize all forces, efforts to combat phishing black chain, and the establishment of the anti fraud system.

yesterday, WeChat has just issued a rectification of the public number sets like behavior processing mechanism to upgrade the new technical means, the use of technology + artificial report on the set like behavior of the whole platform to clean up and standardize. Including the public found a set like, TITLE 7 days; found four sets like behavior, permanent title.