Fu he is done I cover in the first ring are "steak", to some extent, he is a living advertisement steak.

Before doing

steak, Fu is the domestic Internet SNS business circles of celebrities, he is considered one of the best China product manager, also known as the "grassroots" version of Ma Huateng. According to industry insiders say, China Internet product manager is divided into two categories: one is the love competition analysis; a class in the answer in the field, namely the good experience and summarized the needs of users.


Fu is clearly the latter. He was born in 1982, Fujian, read-only to junior high school drop out to do business, "with two years of agricultural products (4.96, -0.07, -1.39%), such as letinous edodes what". Later, he sold a year of high-end medical equipment, in 2001 into the Fuzhou District of Taijiang City, the district is responsible for the area of e-government operation and maintenance. In 2003, the first venture Fu is a personal site 10770.com, provide diary, photo albums, music box, mail list, Notepad, favorites and other one-stop storage function for the user, then, according to the user’s requirements, increase the message board, forming a primary dating platform.

is interesting, this is a personal site he began to run in the District of E-government on the server. Such as Fu a little savings to buy a server, it moved out of the district office building, he and his friends plus two programmers to provide consulting for users to solve the problems in operation and maintenance personnel – the 4 in just two years time, let 10770.com users reached 200 thousand. He has a server through the VIP monthly fee income of 100 thousand yuan, "put your wages and the cost of a mixed asphalt, I can earn a few million yuan".

Chinese the Internet community has always been willing to talk about the business model, but this kind of charges is due to his "server processing ability is insufficient, the user is too much. At that time, he was a day to upload photos to ten thousand increments. One to 8 in the evening peak hours users flocking, even 10770.com is very difficult, he can only limit 1000 people online at the same time. So a company Alfred and the Beijing cooperation with the mobile phone through the mobile phone charges, VIP monthly pay 10 yuan, he gave VIP login priority right. His calculation method is 10 thousand VIP can’t log on at the same time, each only about 100 people enjoy privileges, so these people spend 10 yuan can really experience the feelings of 10770.com connected with great eloquence.

"I think I was born to be a businessman." He later said.

Product Manager

in fact, in the Internet community, "the most admirable, is the most basic understanding of Internet users, and can product function according to the demand to adjust quickly. He decided to do 10770.com