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commodity circulation law (Draft)" announced, online shopping brush reputation, fictitious credit evaluation will become illegal behavior. The reporter visits the secret underground shop scalping process. "315 every day" this period of concern: online shopping false trading, the stop stop!

CNR network finance Beijing April 6th, according to voice of the economy, every day 315 reported that in March 31st, the Ministry of Commerce announced the commodity circulation law (draft draft), to the public for comments. The draft made it clear that the place of trading " prohibit operators themselves or through other fictional credit rating ".

Chen Fuli, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce Secretary

" interpretation of law, consumers in the online shopping when the credit rating and evaluation of commodity businesses as consideration, but these evaluation or reputation is not reliable, is the ‘credit’ we usually say, the draft stipulates on this question. ", a reporter interviewed consumers have said that in the online shopping process, plagued by a single shop brush.


shop false purchase orders, false comments, to enhance the credibility of the seller, has been a very common thing, but if there is no fundamental solution, consumers do not see with piercing eye is it true or false, therefore, deception is also a common thing.

for a large number of online shop owners, high letter often means more goods, more customers and more business. With the expansion of the number of online shopping platform Taobao and other electronic business platform, the seller’s credit costs are getting higher and higher. Credibility and sales are not high in the store, the viability of Taobao is very weak, many sellers in order to survive, brush credibility has become a common practice of survival.

consumer: I remember when I shop colleagues, then we are the people who helped the brush off, when you leave me a message that is consistent or particularly good, can let people know is the brush, so that I think this scraper is very much. Now look at Taobao are all praise, or evaluation is not particularly large, praise. Anyway, now there is some doubt, is also not dare to buy, if an individual store sales may be suspected, but if the brand which, in fact there are some kind of badge flagship store, sales volume is relatively high, may be a little better. In fact, this if I may I don’t see this, because now basically may scraper or brush is the credibility of the friends in the buy, basically will give praise, but do not see this reputation.

for the Ministry of Commerce announced the commodity circulation law (draft draft), consumers generally have high hopes, as soon as possible to curb the brush, brush credit behavior.

consumers: I think it would be necessary if the state introduced relevant laws to restrain such behavior, because it involves