digital domain by the favorite people, especially in the digital domain, meaning auspicious number less are highly sought after, since the birth of the domain name, not only how the digital domain name is mentioned, is applied, compared with foreign, domestic enterprises to use digital domain more crazy, the global.Com domain, 00-99 domain digital only 100 a, 2 digital short domain, so rare, now these domain names are what changes?



: the world’s 100 2 digital.Com short domain name usage

the basic digital domain name is registered in the 1996-1998, domain name age more than 10 years ago, can be seen from the figure, 40 domain names have enabled or forwarded 25 names in the parking state, the 35 names are not enabled (including 1 will be re enabled). These domain names, there are more than 34 Chinese website domain name.



: 34 digital.Com domain names used in China’s Web site

34 digital.Com domain, known as, China website (listed),,,, (,, will be listed), these domestic websites,,, and were associated with the project as group purchase using a domain name, as the only and personnel website domain name to use, it is worth mentioning that and belong to 92 love to travel, but has no for another 92 games use domain name card.

Compared with foreign

.Com domain name registration peak earlier than the domestic, domestic.Cn, the domain name is also in 2003 officially open registration, 2 digital.CN short domain pair with 99 2 digital.Com domain most is registered in 2003, 2 domain name registration time is not fixed, such as registered in 2005.

In addition to the use of the domain name

, trading and hosting 00-99 digital.Com domain is also worth mentioning that, according to informed, 00-99 digital.Com domain name, more than half of the domain name is eName is selected as the hosting registrar, these domain names include,,,,,,,,,,,, the display in the eName platinum channel, recently spent $2 million 320 thousand from overseas.