webmaster network (www.admin5.com) January 13th news, in 2013 can be described as the collapse of P2P, the foot of the year. The beginning of this year, P2P industry ushered in the largest single round of financing, everyone ish group disclosed A round of financing has been completed by the end of 2013, loved the letter capital lead investor, the investment amounted to $130 million. This also makes a lot of practitioners have been greatly encouraged! P2P industry is ushered in the spring it?

since the new year, on the P2P industry continues to be staged tragicomedy: some P2P platform due to mismanagement, liquidity difficulties and repeated the cash crisis, while some P2P platform accident by the VCs favor; some investors because of the negative news frequently broke the confidence, dare not easily on the P2P platform "tender", while some investors are still comparing the yields of P2P and look forward to make money fast.

data show that the loan was established in April 2010, the second half of the year in 2011 officially run, is a combination of online and offline model. Everyone lending aspects revealed that, as of now, the company’s total trading volume over 2 billion. Everyone loan was in early 2012 to get the first round of financing, the financing for the second round of financing. Compared with the United States P2P company, the core of the domestic P2P is the risk control. The fundamental logic of risk control is to control the peer-to-peer lending loan scale, with a large amount of parts are small "principle, an average amount of borrowings of about 3-5 million. For borrowers, peer-to-peer lending main charge fee of two: one is the service fee, an average of 3%, placed in the risk premium, overdue, from the risk in advance to the gold sponsor. Service charges are not included in the company’s income. Two is the management fee, monthly charge 3/1000.

P2P platform is the main problem of risk control." Insiders said that the lack of credit risk management and pricing issues brought about by the domestic mature P2P companies are facing major problems. In the U.S. market, investors can participate in the P2P transaction according to their credit score, but the lack of a sound personal credit system."

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network home loan data show that in 2013 the main P2P platform 90 total volume of 49 billion, the average interest rate of 23.24%; on the other hand, there are 74 platform to cash difficulties, most of them concentrated in the four quarter. It is understood that in December only 10 of the collapse of the platform, the collapse has slowed down. Prior to November was 30, in October was 18. Nevertheless, the net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei believes that in 2014 the market environment will be more brutal than in 2013, the collapse of the more than and 70 P2P in 2013, there will be more and more P2P companies were eliminated in the year of. But the industry consolidation period will occur in 2015.

in Xu Hongwei opinion, the current P2P is a lot of private lending practitioners or private enterprises from the transition over the day at least 2, but they generally convection >