just released in the forum to see this amazing rumor is true or not only for time to think, but it is not necessarily from the PR value, the PR value has been Weakness lends wings to rumours. since August, has been updated, people have to feel GOOGLE in preparing a big adjustment.

      behind the highlights that the site does not fly.

      a Google Rumors (Google = = rumor,,) blog, a blogger and a Google engineer recently claimed that after the meeting, know Google upcoming several updates in the next month are:

      1.Google Google VR will be PR value instead of

      the original Google PR value will be reset to 0 and disappeared, replaced by Google " VR" (visitor; rating, user evaluation value, from the visitors to the site) Google Toolbar evaluation value through website:


      the VR value was evaluated using a voting system similar to that of Digg, and the factors such as the number of visitors and the number of votes, the source of visitors, etc..

      2.AdSense ads will be more than one click

      under normal circumstances, click on the Google AdSense ad (the content of the ad unit), will directly enter the appropriate advertising page, so easy to generate fraudulent clicks and accidental clicks. Google will give AdSense an extra heavy advertising click, or when the user clicks the AdSense advertisement advertisement, will pop up a dialog box, this is to remind the user to click on ads, access to " yes" otherwise, " no".

      3.Link: operator will fail

      the role of the Link: operator is used to view the number of links to a domain name, but Google will be in the search engine, webmasters tools and Analytics tools to cancel it.

      4.NoFollow property will be DoFoll>