yesterday (November 28th), where the PR department official confirmed the news of layoffs to the reporter, but said the proportion of layoffs is not spread outside the 25%, and said the recent layoffs is a continuation of the beginning of structure adjustment.

the "daily economic news" reporter found that every guest layoffs, mainly due to two reasons. First of all, the "double eleven" after the war, the electricity supplier in the field for your head where the old pattern of an initial, publicly announced that we abandon the platform for steering vertical development, the transformation will be accompanied by corresponding changes in personnel; secondly, previously, many electricity companies have been "financing expansion – loss – refinancing" mode in the forward, finally through the sales of sprint listed cash, but after business investment bubble period, the current evaluation of the electricity supplier’s capital market is more rational, to value the profitability of Target Corp. Under this background, including Jingdong where customers, will be operational objectives to the pursuit of profit.

or pave the way for the listing

yesterday, sources disclosed that recently began VANCL large-scale layoffs, layoffs ratio reached 25%. The source also said that all the layoffs involve Corporation, branch offices, customer service and other departments.

where the PR person in charge told the "daily economic news" reporter, the recent downsizing is the continuation of the beginning of restructuring, the company will be based on the capacity and efficiency of re planning of each department staff ratio, this is a very normal phenomenon in the process of operation of the company.

a guest insiders told reporters, outside the famous 25% the proportion of layoffs is inconsistent with reality. At present we are "framework adjustment to return products", first is to reorganize the product line, will be divided into 6 major departments of product system and the 19 specific product lines, some responsible for product planning, sales and marketing departments will become the focus of the layout of the future.

actually, where the cuts back possibly due to its transformation: abandon the platform competition, from scale expansion to the pursuit of profit for the enterprise operation target, to sprint listed again.

an investment professionals told reporters, because the YY market, the United States shares listed on the window may be opened, we must take a punch. But the market is limited to the acceptance of the vertical electricity supplier, and more favored in the platform of large electricity providers, so the situation is not optimistic.

Based on this

, in August this year, where the first contraction of the front field of logistics. Eric said, wind up optimization is conducted, and distribution of its own city from 26 abolished to 6.

previously, old media said, where the first three quarter sales rose nearly 30%, will achieve fourth quarter earnings. According to the insiders, we shrink the front and layoffs are in preparation for the listing.

industry observers Li Chengdong told the "daily economic news", "because of reduced orders, so all passengers of logistics personnel and.