I am a mahogany ship, this is the writing origin, but now the price of light literature, to feed their families, I had to literature as an amateur, I had to go with the words related to the road. Over the years engaged in soft writing, advertising planning, medical writing, newspaper editing, etc.. From the beginning of 2009, I entered the medical circle, has been doing copy planning work. However, the circle of the real emphasis on copywriting is not much, copywriting is difficult to dominate in this circle. I regret it. Because the hospital network marketing is the essence of marketing. I mentioned in my previous article. I am well aware of the important role of copywriter planning in the hospital network marketing, but also unwilling to follow the long-term awareness of others, serving in the people, so silently study, and finally have a lot of understanding. These insights are published in the mahogany ship marketing planning blog. This is a record of the station outside the promotion of practical experience is one of them. The last one has been summarized in the station optimization promotion method.

good use of Baidu products such as

: the Baidu library with good quality and internal chain. Try a PDF version with chain.

Baidu know: do Q & A or Q & A, if the quality and quantity, will have an unexpected effect in terms of reputation and the chain.

Baidu experience: This is Baidu’s new product, not used, the feeling is to let you provide fresh knowledge. Because the general weight of Baidu’s products are high, so the release of these platforms are easy to get good rankings, easy to be found by others.

Baidu hi similar to QQ can also build a wide range of groups to publish their own information. As far as possible to edit the release, to avoid spam and obvious advertising information.

Baidu I post bar is a kind of both stick and blog style products. The advantage of this is that when you post a blog you can share it for I. Sometimes blogs don’t close, it can.

knowledge of Baidu head in Baidu Post issued, the formation of a unified topic, are compiled to form a knowledge system.


Baidu encyclopedia Wikipedia soso Soso Ask question and answer Tianya laiba Qihoo ask 360 pocket push and library.

soft marketing

Health Forum, don’t take. There are a lot of publicity, is to give people an impression, cause the other party interest and then search. So his interest in the article is very critical. In addition to the signature in the personal settings do url. In the high weight Forum blog, these places and search engines like original.

drawing marketing please painting personnel, entrainment soft Wen group, also can send blog album, put on the watermark, indicate the name. A good soft Wen can be more hair. After a small change.

micro-blog marketing no one to see boring things, so every piece of content on micro-blog to be attractive, there is a story, there is suspense fun. Use micro-blog to pass a message, a few micro-blog