Vintage (micro-blog) ten hands, a slight rub, thinking the answer to a question, for a moment, he said, "no 100 people advised me to do a new brand, I listen to, because it is related to dignity, dignity, dignity". In the old told Beijing Daily reporter interview a week before, he made three writers in micro-blog word and T-shirt design pattern, caused the people about his "comeback" conjecture. The old did secretly make a wish, he will be in their own way to the experience of a roller coaster huashangjuhao.

Key words: burn

in the capital of the boom, a lot of others you can, brothers and wife, actually all is illusion.

Keywords: advice

let me give advice to entrepreneurs now?. Because they don’t listen, just like I didn’t listen.

"this 100% is a hobby, business for the 0"

April 6th, Chen made a micro-blog: "tomorrow, the customer, all the rumors and abuse, all go, all the support and encouragement, feelings of joy, also posted three creative patterns, respectively, with Marcks Mu Dan and Eileen Chang.

had just bought a Sina micro-blog channel brand promotion, before in the streets and lanes hung huge advertising, old did not think, where the customer suddenly like back to the first time when undertaking popular outbreak. Media interviews, users nostalgia, user return…… The first day, where the official website of the sales growth of 3 times, second days on Friday, sales increased to 5 times.

the advent of these three T-shirts can be traced back to December 20th last year, a rain in the early morning.

at 8:30 in the morning, in the old Shanghai, is to drive to the train station in Hongqiao, it was a little rain, from the window and looked out, he took a photo of a micro-blog, only 9 words: "rain gurgling, like living in the stream." This is Eileen Chang’s "little reunion" in a paragraph of the first half of the text, there is the famous second half. Soon, there are dozens of comments on micro-blog, a lot of friends took the next sentence: I would rather rain every day, because you think it is not because of the rain."

never forget, there must be repercussions. From Beijing to Shanghai, to begin planning the old T-shirt series, after a few months, he took three writers their most love — Eileen Chang, Mu Dan, Marcks’s words, find the designer Zhou Nanlai design, printed for collision……

frankly, I have dark since wish to new brand of customer, but did not expect to progress so fast." Chen said, "soon, you will see the streets and lanes subway station, everywhere all the guest. The difference is that this occasional comeback works, 100% is a personal hobby, and the 0 is to consider the market."

comeback is very successful, but people seem to be more concerned about the two years where he went. And this >