11 is a rocket, it helps you instantly get rid of the gravity of the earth and sky, bring the thrill of sprint rise directly to a high position. That night, with all the people, the state power grid once again feel the long and familiar climax. That night, no one can doubt Ma put the "90 billion" is a great blow gesture.

early morning excitement subsided, slightly tired. Review yesterday night of passion, how many myths was born, and how much tread on air behind each one and leave no stone unturned, digital setting, is a dream, is pain.

only hope today (November 11th) officially kicked off, the night fog is no longer raging, the next road, you can re sculpture each face.

Tmall tied before the 35 billion turnover of only 3 hours


these brands in less than an hour to break billion


double eleven within 1 hours of sales break billion brand list


up to 2 points on Tmall’s dual outdoor brand sales of the top ten


up to 2 points Tmall double cosmetics sales of the top ten

before eleven


up to 2 points Tmall dual pharmaceutical category sales of the top ten

before eleven


as of 1:30 Tmall double eleven liquor sales of the top ten


as of 1:30 Tmall dual eleven home appliance category sales of the top ten


1 hours and 30 minutes before the five Tmall store released HUAWEI leading


double eleven car home turnover of 2 hours to break through the 3 billion 200 million


music as a super TV 7 minutes Jingdong broke billion Tmall breaking billion


first reference double 11 1 hours to break 14 million wheat books ranked No. 3



dual 11 Liebo clothing 41 minutes turnover exceeded 30 million yuan


bestseller fashion group Tmall flagship store.