] April 20th news billion state power network, the Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte said it will launch in late June this year, Android’s application store based on system.

It is reported that

, Lotte app store is similar to the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store, the user can download the Android version of APP on its website or mobile terminal application. APP will be divided into two kinds of free and paid.

billion state power network learned that at present, Lotte has been open for APP developers to provide development related consulting website, APP.

Lotte said Lotte through its mobile application market, providing services to 97 million 750 thousand exclusive Lotte Lotte membership, and create more business opportunities for APP developers. "We will make full use of business market and Lotte Lotte shopping tourism services and B2B2C business model experience, proprietary price APP in the mobile terminal market."

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billion state power network to understand, APP market is the biggest characteristic of Lotte, either in store or consumer payment in APP, consumers can use their points to pay day after consumption, also can get Lotte integral.